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About Rand4Design
(Created by Rand El Jarrah)

A large portion of my life, almost 10 years, has been spent studying and teaching Psychology. During that period, I became a wife and a mother to three wonderful kids. Those years allowed me to reflect on where my life was headed and what I really wanted to do.

Renewing my Faith and Conviction was the first step. Along the way, Islamic art and calligraphy played a major role in settling my heart. I also enrolled back in school for my degree in interior design, and received my diploma from the New York Institute of Art and Design.

Welcome to my current world of inspiration, creation, and reflection. My hope is to spread inspiration and motivation for others and myself as I journey on this new adventure.

The Art Section displays my artwork. These can be purchased from the Rand4DesignShop on Etsy (Coming Soon InshaAllah).

The Design Section contains the design projects that I have worked on.

Don’t forget to check out the Reflections (Blog). Find out how the Art pieces, and Design inspirations came to life. Reflection topics also include my journey through psychology, motherhood, spirituality, art & design.

To find out more about my education and work experience visit my Linkedin Page: Rand El Jarrah

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