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Comparing Two Great End Tables

I have recently been searching for new end tables and came across really cool ones from wayfair.com. The only thing is that they were a bit expensive for me. Spending too much money on delicate furniture is a horrible design plan if young kids are constantly running around the house. In this post I compare…
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Unit 6 Finally Graded!

All thanks to the mercy of Allah, I passed my final interior design course project with flying colors. It was not easy. The journey was long and filled with moments of tears and excitement. Juggling family life and studying challenged me on so many levels. I always tell my kids learning is a never-ending process.…
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Moving on to Unit 5!

It’s been two weeks since my advisor received my “unit 4” assignment. Waiting for the corrections and grade has been so hard. It feels like being in limbo: not knowing if I have to repeat the assignment, or able to move forward to “unit 5”. Add to that all the thinking about “what’s the next…
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Update On My Interior Design Course Progress

I am currently working on my “Interior Design” degree form the New York Institute of Art and design. This works well for me because it is online, projects are submitted by mail, and you can call your advisor anytime. The tuition is also affordable (in comparison with other schools). They offer several other degrees as…
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Sample Home Floor Plans That Work For My Family

How much space does a family really need in a home? I feel that as a family we have so many toys, clothes, and office supplies that we do not really need or even use… What is the perfect size to prevent over cluttering? What size is perfect to avoid spending your day cleaning and…
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Trying out the “Home Design 3D” Application

The Home Design 3D Application is a good place to start experimenting with drawing up home designs. It is a free application; however, there are in-app purchases that would allow you to use all the available items. Do you know how some people find drawing or writing therapeutic? For me, anything that involves colors keeps…
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